Trouble Shooting Tips for Domestic Solar Water Heaters

 Problem Faced  Probable Cause
 No water in the hot water tap  
  • No cold water supply
  • Valve at the outlet of system closed
  • Air lock in the pipes
 Water not heated at all, although cold water flow is normal  
  • Consumption of hot water may be too high; Check use points and use pattern
  • Collector may be shaded
  • No flow of water through the Collector as it might be choked due to scaling; Get it checked from the manufacturer
 Water not hot enough or sufficient quantity of hot water is not available  
  • Cloudy weather
  • Consumption too high
  • Frequent on-off of hot water tap
  • Collector dirty
  • Vapour lock in the collector which can be removed by allowing it to cool and draining the system
  • Partial choking of the collector
 Little quantity of boiling hot water is received  
  • Vapour locking in the collector
  • Pinched inlet/outlet pipes

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