Advantages of Solar Power
Why should we opt for solar water heating? Solar water heating has the following advantages
  • Solar water heaters save electricity and thus money; electricity is becoming more and more expensive and its availability is becoming unrelaiable;
  • Solar water heaters are non-polluting.
  • Solar water heaters are safer than electric geysers as they are located on the roof

How much electricity and money can be saved?
The table below gives approximate likely electricity and money savings for typical 100 liters per day solar water heating systems located in different parts of the country.
Likely savings of electricity and money by use of a 100 liters domestic solar water heater (using 2.0 sq.m collector area)

   Northern Region  Eastern Region  Southern Region*  Western Region*
 Expected no. of days of use per year  200 days  200 days  250 days  250 days
 Expected yearly electricity saving with use of full capacity, kwh  950  850  1200  1300
 Monetary savings at different prices of electricity, Rs/Year
 Rs. 4/kwh  3800  3400  4800  5200
 Rs. 5/kwh  4750  4250  6000  6500
 Rs. 6/kwh  5700  5100  7200  7800

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