MRO-TEK has a strong focus on R&D and local manufacturing with an objective of creating customized products and solutions that meet specific customer needs. Our factory spread over a 1.6 acre land at Electronic City, Bangalore with ISO-9001-2008 certifications deploys 3rd generation SMT processes and rigorous quality control for manufacturing an array of products meeting stringent international standards. Our R&D team of over 65 with extensive experience in Embedded System Design / Network Management.

General Benefits of Solar Panels

Cost effective
Decreases pollution and waste
Eco friendly
Good for emergency purposes
Reduction in consumption of natural resources

Electricity Generation Process by Solar Panel

Solar Power is primarily produced through the use of photovoltaic technology. PV cells or solar cells are used to convert solar energy into electricity.

In brief, electricity production process by a photovoltaic cell is photons, or particles of light are absorbed by collectors and the energy released during this absorption is transferred as electrical current.


After the electricity is created by the solar cells; it passes through an electrical inverter, which changes the electricity from direct current to alternating current.


Once solar energy is converted into a usable form, it needs to be distributed or stored. Major solar plants transfer their electricity through cables directly into the national grid, which distributes it to residences and businesses

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