About Green Energy Soultions
Green Energy Solutions is the preferred and trusted channel partners of reputed companies across India. The Dream of marketing solar products, which has evolved in to passion, made a Women Entrepreneur, launch Green Energy Solutions 2001

At Green Energy Solutions, we are committed to see growth with Social Stability. Our commitment is to Provide Electricity through the Solar for Un - electrified Rural Villages.

Quality: We are committed to provide best quality solar products and services which exceed the expectations of our customer, achieved by our team work with a process of continuous improvement.

Our Mission: To consistently Provide the Best Quality of Products adhering to Global Standards

Our Vision: To Position delivering product variants that continually adds value to the consumer expectations and experience.

Green Concept: India’s current Electricity generation is overwhelm mainly depend on Cola based thermal Power. Solar PV Systems contribute to the Environment by providing clean Energy and Green Concept movement in India.

Cost Saving: Solar PV system will help with great saving on the Electricity bill. A solar power system provides fixed Energy Costs.

Reliable: This Project will make our customer branches/offices/ATMs less dependent on the EB/Grid Power. Specific drive for Solar PV systems include the rapidly raising electricity needs, the persistent primary Energy (EB/Grid Power) deficit situation. These factors coupled with India’s endowment with abundant irradiation, with most part of the country enjoying about 300 Sun Days a year, make solar PV particularly attractive to the our customer’s Energy strategy.

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